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Covering Australia and Oceania, Satellite Internet offers a wide range of satellite services to corporate, educational and domestic settings. Satellite internet in general is geared towards supplying internet connectivity to areas underserved by terrestrial services. We give you the ability to be connected to the rest of the world using our innovative technological solution. We are always ready to accommodate your various satellite internet requirements, offering the following services from portable satellite internet to fixed satellite connections.


  • Mobile Satellite Internet Connectivity


We provide better connectivity with our Inmarsat satellite internet modems available in flexible weekly and monthly rates. Our satellite modems allow you to make calls, send and receive emails and text messages at affordable rates. Perfect for when a mobile office is required, Our satellite modems perform well in rugged settings, instantly creating a WiFi hotspot that can be used by a number of internet-enabled devices simultaneously without compromising reliability.


  • Satellite Broadband Connectivity for Business and Corporate Settings


Satellite Internet offers installation services for broadband connectivity suitable for business and corporate settings. You can lease/rent our portable Vsat equipment that enables your business to correspond through voice or internet with high-speed broadband connection. Our Vsat hire services allow temporary camps, emergency-related operations, mining and other remote-operated fields to continuously be in-touch with other personnel. Equipped with automatic back-up features, our Satellite Communication Solutions hire equipment are more reliable for operations where critical information is involved and where conventional terrestrial services are inadequate.


  • Satellite Internet Connectivity While on Land or Sea


Apart from businesses with fixed site operations, satellite internet connectivity is also possible in your vehicle or on the water. We offer a wide range of mobile satellite vehicle modems that are placed on top of a vehicle for an instant and reliable internet connection. Our satellite antenna systems are powered by standard 12 Volt DC car battery or from the local electrical grid. The auto deploy antenna can be activated with the simple push of a button or with click of the mouse. Once activated, it extends automatically in a few minutes, locks onto the selected satellite and delivers broadband mobile Internet access, VoIP and Video services anywhere in the world..


Meanwhile, our maritime satellite internet equipment coming in wide range of options, ranging from FleetBroadband Satellite Terminal, to the Sailor and Sea Tel maritime based systems combined with a worldwide network of service facilities ensures that we meet the communication requirements of any vessel or fleet, regardless of size, application or location.


  • Satellite Telemetry and Tracking


Satellite Internet, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) services offer a range of options suitable for virtually any SCADA network, and should be considered even if cellular or terrestrial services are available. Providing cost effective services using small, low power consuming terminals that are easy to install, satellite based

SCADA networks have increased reliability and lower total cost of ownership versus cellular or terrestrial units.


We also offers peace of mind tracking and asset management through Satellite and NextG services.  NextG network while in a NextG coverage area and automatically switching to our satellite network when out of cellular range. This provides the most effective and efficient means of communication and control of assets at all times, no matter where they are situated.


Satellite Internet is equipped with numerous services that make work and adventures less stressful, more productive and efficient and most especially, more mobile and connected. 

Satellite Internet provides total satellite communications solutions, focusing on the entertainment, mining ,defencemaritimeeducationconstruction,emergency servicesagriculture and Oil & Gas industries.


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